Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Signs of the Times

I'm generally content in my own little world and don't lash out with criticism at things.  It usually strikes me as being smug (prideful), and not productive.  I see stupidity everyday and it often produces a chuckle.  Sometimes a sadness that someone didn't see the errors.

I'm taking exception to my general principal today.  Mostly because stupidity on signs is advertising stupidity.  Not that you have a bad product, but there should be more care in putting out a quality message.  Unless you're a mattress salesman.

Today I'm going to laugh at peoples mistakes.  2 items specifically.

I drove by this for 3 days before snapping a pic.  Now it's perplexing, and I see 3 options to explain it:
1) Accidental -  It should be "TOO bad common sense isn't".
2) Intentional - A self fulfilling statement of lacking common sense.  Similar to "there are 3 kinds of people in the world; those who can count and those who can't."
3) Real Estate Issues - The sign is too small for the intended message.  It may be starting a letter.
"To bad common sense,
 it a shame that you are such a good teacher and I fail to pay attention."
the gray sky contrary to what the weatherman predicted. I'll trust the weatherman.  I don't need an umbrella."

I laugh at all 3 of these options.

Working Together for the Perfect Fit
I saw this for about 3 weeks before it hit me that this is so close to being good sign but it is actually terrible. 2 months later I finally pulled over and snapped the pic.

It is nice, except the pieces don't fit.   This is a great example of a slight error that instead of being able to be overlooked, it thwarts the entire message.  The pieces don't work together.  They aren't the perfect fit; they don't fit at all.

So Parents & Business can work together.  Community (which would be parents & business) can work with teachers.  But nothing works with any of the schools; which may be true.  But why would you advertise it unless you were asking for reform?

Ellwood Area Education Association should be embarrassed.  It is the kind of thing if you were for the intent of your message you smack yourself in the forehead.  I laugh at you.

(all of this being said knowing that I am just as silly, stupid, and ignorant.  As any of my blog posts will clearly demonstate.  I laugh at myself more than anyting else)


  1. Well, in defense of the writer of the first sign, spelling and common sense aren't the same skillz. I hope the reason for it is option #3.

    That second sign is just hilarious. Someone actually put thought into that layout too. Fail.

  2. First sign: You put the comma in the the wrong place with your letter option.
    To Bad, common sense isn't.

    Second: since there are no edge pieces the sign designer should get some credit for being aware of the larger context these pieces should fit into.

    I'm also experienced with the frustration of trying to make a piece fit where it looks like it should go- "It's the exact same color of blue! It HAS TO go here!"- and failing because it's from another piece of the sky I haven't noticed yet.

    And lastly, the schools don't even appear to be part of the same puzzle! The other pieces are part of a 1,000 piece puzzle while the schools seem to be the center piece of a 9 piece preschooler puzzle. Now there's some irony to ponder.

  3. Ahhh, how it makes me chuckle that you are criticizing someone else's grammatical errors. Maybe I should print out this blog post and get out my red pen........ ;)

  4. Too Dank, er... To Dan K,

    You are funny.