Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacating the Vacation

We returned from a vacation around midnight last night.  My super wife took the last driving leg so I could sleep and have some semblance of functioning today.  If only work had cooperated.

I'm starting to see a trend from any vacation return.

Comfort. You get back home and there is true comfort in sleeping in your own bed.  Your head hitting your own pillow is a good thing.

Fear.  The alarm clock is a cruel torture device to remind you that responsibilities are creeping in.  The trip is over, back to the routine.

Perseverance.  You manage to get to the point where you face the responsibility head on.  It could be a stuffed inbox of e-mail, a mountain of laundry,  a fridge that needs to be restocked, or a cat that needs to be kicked (done.). 

False hope.  Attempting this return to the routine without a bonus coffee is not advised.  Make a full pot and enjoy.  Repeat as needed.  It'll help you feel on the ball.  Once you've climbed the mountain and think you're back to the regular life something hits you.

Reality.  I've also learned that my return to work is usually met by a severe oversight in something I planned.  I scrambled to get a project to a good stopping point before the absence.  In my scrambling I sometimes overlook obvious details.  It is kind of like a diabolical scheme to set fire to the sun;  there's a severe flaw in such a scheme.

Back in the rut.  I'm now back to feeling like I need a vacation.  Just some time away from this current overlooked detail that will result in meetings and a few more days of feeling like a fish trying to swim up Niagara Falls.

In another day or two this debacle will pass and another will rise to take it's place.  I actually don't mind them, it is what I do.  It was just nice to have some time away with my family.


  1. Correct on all points, most notably the bonus coffee, the facing of the responsibility, and just enjoying being away with the family. I also enjoy coming back in the middle to the end of the week. Your post reminded me of this comic:

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad you enjoyed your family.

    Can I borrow an audio book for a trip next month?