Thursday, February 16, 2012

Words fail me, songs don't

I didn't even know the family; my heart still breaks for them.  At a local school (in Mercer, 15 minutes away) an 8 y/o girl just passed away.  She choked on a hotdog at lunch.

Words fail me. 

There will be trite comforts offered; I know people mean well, but silence would be better.  There will be questions of why "XXXX" wasn't tried; I know these folks wish it would have turned out different.  I hope there isn't a knee jerk program or policy to try to fix this "crisis".  It's a tragedy, not really a crisis needeing a teacher sitting beside every student to watch them eat.

I have no words of comfort.  I have a hollow spot that prays from fear "please God don't let that happen to us".  I feel guilty, and then hug my children.  I feel fear and let them go out into the world trying not to be paralyzed by fear.

I'm a fanatical Andrew Peterson fan, bear with me as I share his music.

when I have more questions than answers:

when I am reminded of the brokenness of the world:

when I wallow in it to the point of being swallowed by it:

finally - my ache for it to be fixed in one sweeping motion of love:


  1. I can't listen to those songs today. I know better. This is so sad, and the safety police will have a field day with it. Accidents are accidents. The only thing I take issue with is your comment that silence might be better. I am assuming that you mean from people like the safety police or news or whomever, and not from real people. Because, honestly, it hurts a lot when people ignore death because they themselves think they will say the wrong thing. "That sucks" or "I'm sorry that happened" are sufficient.

    1. I think sitting in silence with someone at tragic times is powerful. I heard stupid things while standing beside my dad after his girlfriend died during knee surgery (you heard that right). "When it's your time....", "ticket's punched", etc..when truly saying "sorry for your loss" and stopping there would have been better. Or quietly offering a comfortable hug (some folks did) is powerful and more comforting. That's all i meant.

  2. I guess your whole point is how you aren't good at words, but good at songs. I'm starting to notice how much I express myself through songs (not writing them, obviously, but listening).

    And I'm really just ignoring the crippling fear that can result from something like this. We control--NOTHING. Which is crazy-scary.

  3. Dan,

    With our newest little one turning 3 weeks today, I am learning once again the importance of cherishing every moment of life. Every word from the mouth of each child. Ever tackle when I come home weary from work. Every hug, kiss, and snuggle before bed.