Monday, March 19, 2012

Jason Gray - The Golden Boy & The Prodigal

I've had this song playing all weekend.  I bought a collection of Jason Gray cds sometime ago and I remember thinking "eh, it's okay" and put them on the shelf.  He struck me as a having a "pop" feel which I tend to back away from.  Whether it is trying to be counter-culture, a rebel, an individual apart from the mob, a snob, - I do it too often and too quickly.  Generally I run from music that has "ooo-s" or "whoa-s".  Jason does it often.  After hearing (and actually listening to) a few more songs I had to dig out those old ones.  There is something truthful here and the more I listen to Jason the more I like him.  He is incredibly personable and vulnerable on stage, and it is good music.  He sings from points of hope in brokenness.

Back to the song.  This is a good version of it.  Jason Gray is really good at telling a story and the introduction is the key that unlocks the song.

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  1. Dan,
    Thanks for sharing this one. I needed this truth today. Squeezed out a few tears, despite being at work.