Friday, July 27, 2012

Like yeast - The Dark Knight Rises

The other night I watched "The Dark Knight Rises".  It was a great wrap up to the trilogy.  I saw it then watched a review from Thomas McKenzie who is very insightful. 

 Now some deeper thoughts (spoilers will follow):

I had a few problems with the movie.  Let me first say, I enjoyed it and the whole trilogy.

1.  Sound.  Thomas mentions feeling beat up by the music, I wouldn't go that far but I know what he means.  Batman is so gravely the volume ends up loud just to hear it.  There are points with mob noises that I was unsure if it was background music or mob chanting  Then there is Bane.  I caught about 1/2 of his lines which isn't enough.  I can generally make up for strange speech by reading lips.  Bane wears a mask so first you have to recognize he is speaking and then decipher through the voice effect.  I never had this problem with Star Wars.

2.  Motivation.  I though most of the characters were compelling to follow and care about.  Except Miranda Tate (the bad gal).  She hates her father and wanted him murdered for how he treated Bane.  Then she is a suicide bomber (no escape plan?) with the nuke to complete his legacy/philosophy.  I understand a love/hate view of a father, but this didn't mesh.  Also she didn't

3.  Believability.  I give a wide path to action movie physics, but you must remain true to your own universe.  The thugs get control of the Wayne Enterprises special projects.  Basically they have a couple of the batmobiles to drive around in.  These things blow up like pintos.  I'm not sure why but that bothered me.  The bat (batcopter) takes a severe beating and functions fine but the batmobiles are blowing up like GI Joe figures in the hands of a boy with penny-crackers.  1-shot and they're done.

What I liked -
A tight ending to the movie.  It was a redeeming ending to the entire trilogy.  The parallels and tie in of "A Tale of Two Cities" is wonderful.

It didn't sell out.  There are no Ewoks.  It is still the Dark Knight.
The effects were supplemental and supporting to the story and were not the whole story.

Humor, there was a few laughs in the movie which is always effective in storytelling.  Along those lines -the Pittsburgh Dad does a review:

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