Friday, January 11, 2013

Ho-Hey MLK

Martin Luther King Jr day is coming up.  I look to this day and I like to read some of the MLK Jr sermons.  He didn't shy away from issues, but that was out of his belief that God cared for justice and cared for people.  To me it's a shame how he has been whitewashed to caring about issues and not really believing in God.

I read a short biography that described him as a civil rights leader inspired by Ghandi.  Let's not forget that he didn't merely deliver speeches, he preached.  He delivered God's message, not his own.

The church today is challenged to proclaim God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to be the hope of men in all of their complex personal and social problems. Many will continue to come in quest of answers to life’s problems. Many young people who knock on the door are perplexed by the uncertainties of life, confused by daily disappointments, and disillusioned by the ambiguities of history. Some who come have been taken from their schools and careers and cast in the role of soldiers. We must provide them with the fresh bread of hope and imbue them with the conviction that God has the power to bring good out of evil. Some who come are tortured by a nagging guilt resulting from their wandering in the midnight of ethical relativism and their surrender to the doctrine of self-expression. We must lead them to Christ who will offer them the fresh bread of forgiveness. Some who knock are tormented by the fear of death as they move toward the evening of life. We must provide them with the bread of faith in immortality, so that they may realize that this earthly life is merely an embryonic prelude to a new awakening.

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