Monday, May 6, 2013

And the judges give it a....

I've had a lot of travel recently.  It's really the climax of a busy travelling year so far while my employment has been relatively low in travel.  By my quick count it has been 27 days which puts me slightly over 30% travel on the year.

Last week I was taking a very familiar walk through the Charlotte airport and I was struck by a realization -  I am VERY good at judging people.  That isn't "good" in a sense of being "right" because it is completely wrong.  I have skills at judging people, and airports are like steroids for my judging muscles.

My eyes flit from traveller to traveller and I write a life story for them based upon their dress, their walk, their talk, or their confusion at the walls of information and graffiti of advertising.  I blatantly ignore that they are travelling for joys (weddings), sorrows (funerals), or have the same road weariness that I do.  I make a caricature of each person based on what jumps out to me from a one second glance.

I judge.

My realization was that I'm taking my instant label and applying it to their whole life.  I need to approach each person like they are having their worst day, and I can help.  They are parched in the desert of life and I can give them cool water.  That's what I would want.  That's who I want to be but my muscle memory runs deep and I have good reflexes.

All this reminds me of Jason Gray and the labels we throw onto other people and the labels we can choose to wear ourselves.

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