Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's it all about?

I've thought about blogging for a long time now. time's up.

I don't know the final endpoint, but I want to get started.

I'm pretty sure this will end up being social commentary, political commentary, theology, witty remarks, word play & puns; book, music, movie & TV reviews. Basically it'll end up being whatever is on my gourd at the time. It'll move from my gourd to my plate & eventually be forked onto you. It may be Doogie Howser one day (minus the creepy kid sneaking in bedroom windows) that being a log of the day & thoughts; it may be an op-ed column the next; and a review column or theological paper at other times yet.

My background:
I was born at a young age....
Grew up in a small town, 1 brother who's become a lifelong friend; HS geek who was okay at soccer (I could think the game better than play it) went to PITT, met a great gal, became a MechE, married said gal, and bounced around jobs until my current running stretch of 3 years. Along the way we grew into an incredible family (see pic) and have been blessed with great friends.

Things I like:
church, my incredible family, ultimate frisbee, Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, GK Chesterton, George Macdonald, CS Lewis, The Princess Bride, woodworking, Engineering work.

I'll expand on these throughout.

I'll wrap up with a title explanation - Sundry Dan K. It was almost Sundried Dank. Incase you can't see into my head or haven't had enough coffee yet.
1. Sundry Dan K - miscellany stuff about me.
2. Sun dry dank - umm.. dried by the sun AND dark & gloomy. To a further extend, 2 opposite ideas held in tension without mixing.
3. it's a pun.

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