Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Counting Stars - Hutchmoot concert

Friday night of HM-MMX (Hutchmoot 2010) was centered around the Andrew Peterson release concert of Counting Stars. Mooters had reserved seating and there wasn't much room beyond the mooters, so I was thankful for it.

AP started with some of his classics & filled requests. The onstage cohorts were Captains Courageous teammates Ben Shive and Andy Gullahorn. It was well played and the passion carries on AP's voice and penetrates.

Up next was the Counting Stars portion. I watched the live on-line show which was the Captains. For this Counting Stars portion he was joined on stage by a full band which included many standout musicians (as if the Cap'ns weren't). I'm not a music insider and I still picked up many of the names. Sit & count the stars if you are able to.

It had been a few years since seeing a live show, and MANY years since I've been up close at a live show. As a stage hand for the Christian shows rolling through Lancaster (WJTL does well) I was up close very often (and my hearing is paying the price). I had forgotten how much drums can make you feel the music. They stepped thru every song of the album. AP's voice was passionate and his delivery makes you feel like you're the only one he's singing to.

For me the drums drove every song home. I had listened to the album 20x and knew the full sound beyond just the Cap'ns that was done online. At least, I thought I knew. The songs thundered and roared. The Reckoning in particular boomed out and truly made you wonder "how long, until the reckoning?" It was a superb show. AP standing before a crowd lives the songs. Online he still performed well, but onstage with an audience he lives the song for you. It pours out from his heart to yours.

While I'm still mentally unpacking from the weekend (and believe me all of HM-MMX pales in comparison to the other life happenings, it got paler today still) it occurs to me this was a great show and a fitting opening to a PACKED weekend.

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