Monday, August 9, 2010

Taste & see that the Lord is good. (Hutchmoot - an appetizer)

I've had slow weekends, and I've had busy weekends. This past weekend was unlike any other I've had before.

It was Hutchmoot weekend. What is Hutchmoot? Andrew Peterson led the way in forming an online community of folks who love story, song and art. Hutchmoot was the first stab at making the online cross over into the real world.

It crossed over with food, a concert, planned discussion topic groups, panel discussions, a keynote speech from Walt Wangerin Jr, and a wrapup concert in the round of like minded musicians. I'd say it was successful.

I've been an AP fan (some might say stalker) for 11ish years now. Becky & I saw him and Bebo Norman open up for Caedmon's Call at Grove City. Oddly about 8 addresses later we now live in Grove City. There is something authentic about his music that rings true within me.

I had set the bar high for this weekend. I tend to be an optimist and dreamer which can lead to disappointment sometimes, but I can't stop doing it. I can't stop doing it because things like this weekend happen. I was hoping big & great, and it was greater still.

This weekend felt 4 days long. So much happened it is overwhelming. My clothes will be unpacked long before my head ever will.

The best part is for how great Hutchmoot was; it wasn't the best part. A great event like Hutchmoot took second seat to something much better; sorry Hutchmoot you ended up with the 2nd place ribbon. Better luck next year. It was a catalyst to some major retooling in my marriage. We needed, I needed it. That's all the more details you'll get tho'.

So I'll rant a few times about the awesome time Hutchmoot was.
It all seems to fall under the statement from one of the panels:
"There is only one great story (I'll add "and one supreme author"), we just get to retell the story."

First off - The food.
Evie Coates headed up the food prep and presentation. It was supremely done and would be easy to overlook. Something comfortable and soothing about it. The keynote speaker, Walt Wangerin Jr., commented about community around the table with good food and there was a harmonious agreeing grunt that bellowed out automatically from everyone. Loud; as in vikings loud. With our mouths silent from hanging on every word our very guts cried out.

I should pretend to get back to work now. Moving spreadsheets and mechanical assemblies on the screen is hard to focus on today; and I generally enjoy it.

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