Monday, October 4, 2010

A concerted effort.

Our household lives pretty frugally.  Some may call it cheap.  Some may still say we're high on the hog.
I think we're pretty good at being simple.
I like my beer from a can.  We cut the cable (but still have remnant, sshh; but no DVR).  We usually eat dinner around the table. We don't any I-berry type of devices.  The wii is our primary game system and the kids can only play on the weekend.  Our outstanding debt is low, if we can't buy it; we don't.

While we generally don't go extravagant with stuff - we do have a rich schedule.

I get pulled into this trap of thinking once event XXX passes, things will go back to "normal".  I'm pretty sure my basic definition of a "normal day" or "normal week" is flawed.  They are rarely similar enough to call them normal.  It's more that we move from project to project (house), event to event (kids, us).

One of my latest undertakings is bringing music to Grove City.  Phredd is coming to play at our church on Nov 14th @ 2:00pm.  (you should come, no seriously.  plan on being there).  Phredd puts on a fun show for kids of all ages with silly songs, dancing & worship.

While in high school I was fortunate to get involved as volunteer staff to setup Christian concerts that rolled thru Lancaster.  Many shows rolled through there due to the work of Fred McNaughton and WJTL/Creation Concerts.  Generally unload the truck; setup the stage; be on hand as merchandise help, ticket help or security; tear-down & go home.  A great way to see some great shows.

The short list:
Sardonyx, Newsboys, DC Talk, Michael W. Smith, Twila Paris, Phil Keaggy, Michael Card, Phil & John, One Bad Pig, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Choir, Acapella, 4-Hymn, Glad, Geoff Moore & the Distance, Pray for Rain, Petra, Whiteheart, Myron Lefevre, Jonny Lang, Audio Adrenaline, Degarmo & Key, Bryan Duncan, Carman, Rez Band, Sixpence None the Richer, Whitecross, Barren Cross.  That's all I can think of without getting into the Creation festival list. 

Sometimes you got a t-shirt or some music from the artists for help.  That was the coolest thing when it occurred.  I still have a few of their tapes.  I remember giving away many CD's because "I won't get a CD player".  I'm sure there are more but they tended to rise & fall frequently.  There's a whole other blog about the music industry & marketing.

I also remember getting a ride home one time with Fred because he lived in my town.  Trying to impress him, and with my wonderful middle school wisdom I told him a very lewd joke.  (Curse you brain for still remembering that joke & not remembering family birthdays).  Fred handled it with grace & said "I don't think I get it, I don't want to."  I caught on and the conversation went elsewhere.  I have since admired him for the grace & love shown in that immediate moment.  Fred is a good man.

Well now Fred has thru God's providence moved into taking the stage as a performer and I'm anxious for the show.  He's also shown grace in helping figure out what I'm doing promoting a concert.  Again, Fred is a good man.

Part of me hopes this blossoms successfully and I can get more music out the Grove City way.  Part of me wants to get it done & catch my breath, because it's a lot of work.  Don't let me lead you astray, I'm doing a tiny sliver & Becky is my superb sounding board, poster creator, artistic editor and doing much legwork. 

But I'm sure once this show is done things will get back to normal.

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  1. Normal. You don't even know what that means.

    I keep meaning to look on the calendar to see if we can make the concert. I really will check. Promise.