Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunshine Makers

"...keep cheerful as well as busy, for you are the sunshine-maker of the family, and if you get dismal there is no fair weather." Little Women

I've been listening to Little Women on my morning drive ( still rocks).  I heard this line this morning & it really hit home.  It's from Ch.38 meaning I have about 7 chapters left. 

Little Women is one of Becky's favorite books.  I had been overdue on reading it for about 2 months, 12 years or 22 years depending on your outlook.  I'll take the average - 17 years, 1 month.  No matter what math used or not used, I'm glad to be getting into the book.

It is a great book.  It is not about shrunken people, gigantic aliens or battles between people of different physical sizes - and I still like it.  It is a story about a family that stays simple.  The simple morals and joys jump out to me the most.  None of the family characters have deep ulterior motives or plans to manipulate people.  They face the world with straight forward truth and love.  Honest with each other through all situations, and in all situations seeking to do what is right.

The line really hit home with me because for about 2 months this has been evident in our home.  The line is lifted from a speech where Mrs. March is helping Meg understand about outlook and remembering the whole house and family, not just being a slave to the kids.  We've been regularly doing a devotional that has kept us talking about everything.  Just starting each morning together with prayer & conversation has been great.  Some mornings are easier than others, but we are there each morning.

I think it really has sunk in recently for both of us how the basic outlook affects the whole house.  I know somedays it is easier to be the sunshine-maker than other days.  But there is certainly a difference when sunshine is made rather than focusing on clouds and expecting sunny weather.  It results in a sunnier house.

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