Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Theology from a 5 y/o

At our Christmas Eve service Communion was served.  Now, our nearly 7 y/o daughter (Broo) has had communion before this time but none of the other kids.  Somehow my 5 y/o son (Cabu) was aware of things moving above his tiny head that was sketching on the bulletin; so he had his chance for taking communion.

Side note - I fell into a Methodist-ic thinking on the issue of kids taking communion.  "Kids may not understand what it's all about but they know when they are excluded.  Let them participate"

Broo has a knack for playing up her vast superior experience in life matters.  She often takes it as her role to educate Cabu and this time was no different.  The bread was so "yummy"; and the juice isn't really wine and it tastes good; "some folks say body & blood but it's just bread & juice". 

This bothered me on a few levels.  First, kids have a warped sense of how loud they are and they were set at 11 for this mid-service pew conversation despite warnings otherwise.  Second, I'm getting weary of the over the top experience & bossing from Broo; that's my job and she's getting too good at it.  Third, they are talking about communion and it is due some reverence.  I finally shut this pew chat down by threatening removal of all gifts and we can discuss this at home.

So the discussion.
With Broo within earshot because she needed to understand it more, I dove into the meaning of the bread and the juice as the body and the blood.  It was in remembrance of Jesus and the last supper and some people believe it magically does turn into body & blood.  It is a very special thing and should be treated that way.  So loud talking or "yummy-ness" conversation is rude & unacceptable.  (There, that sounded firm enough).  Whether done to remember Jesus or to magically take in Jesus it is special and is not a time to joke around.

Side note #2 - I have no problem telling my kids some things are magic.  I want them to believe in magic.  If miracles aren't magic then they are science (and therefore not miracles) or lies.

Cabu pondered all of this with puzzled eyes and then said "so we have to take in Jesus' broken body so that ours can be fixed."  I think he understood it better than I explained it, and Side Note 1 has been voided.

Side note #3 - I think I have about 2 more years of pretending I know & understand things better than my kids.  Not just somethings, anything at all.

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  1. I suspect you're supposed to be learning something here. Good luck with that.