Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laughs - I've had a few.

"People like frequent laughter," answered Father Brown, "but I don't think they like a permanent smile.  Cheerfulness without humour is a very trying thing."    -GK Chesterton
(before any actually accuses me of being wise, I have 2 daily e-calenders of Chesterton quotes.  I read them about 3x a week and tend to float a few days behind & a few days ahead and cover a few readings.  Sometimes they tickle my fancy more than others.  Such as now)

I like to laugh.  One thing I am trying to pass along to my kids is a sense of fun.  Stories.  Silliness.  That somethings are funny because they fall outside of what is expected or how things should be.

If you need a kickstart on this - watch Phineas & Ferb with your kids.
Squirrels in My Pants

I liked this GKC quote because there are those people who are always so happy you'd think they fart sunshine.  I can't stand those people.  Life isn't all roses, but I like to laugh when there is a such a thing as a rose parked ontop of all those thorns.

I've learned (and am still learning) not all jokes need to be said - wrong joke or wrong time.  An evaluation of dignity and respect for the situation and people.

Still to me, the greatest and most humorous joke is me.  I'm happy when I make it to work with my underwear facing the right direction and not outside my pants.  I still laugh that a panda eats, shoots, & leaves.  It's funny to me that my 5 y/o tells me jokes that aren't funny and that my 7 y/o tells me ones that are. 

It's funny to think there might be a tiny guy living in the fridge who turns the lightswitch on every time the door is opened.  Or there was a tiny guy at a drawing table who put a tiny switch in for the door.  It's a minor difference and I will be amused by either option.


  1. And yet you married a girl who is a bit more serious than the average person. I know, I know.....we balance each other out.

  2. I am quite sure you know what I think about this. It is my constant prayer that everyone would lighten up just a little bit; life is amusing, and WAY more fun when you are laughing through it, as much as you can.

  3. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. "Carrie, you are altogether too full of bobance and bounce and high spirits. You've got to learn that life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie. You want something to sober you down a bit." I'm only saying it for your own good, Carrie.