Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nastalgia ain't what it used to be

The public does not like bad literature.  The public likes a certain kind of literature, and likes that kind even when it is bad better than another kind of literature when it is good.  Nor is this unreasonable; for the line between different types of literature is as real as the line between tears and laughter;  and to tell people who can only get bad comedy that you have some first-class tragedy is as irrational as to offer a man who is shivering over weak, warm coffee a really superior sort of ice.  -GK Chesterton.

I caught the last 5 minutes of Batman Returns yesterday.  The second of the Micheal Keaton Batman films.  I remember liking it at the time and now (especially after the latest comic book films) - WOW it was terrible.  I was expecting the dudes from MST3K to show up.  Then it would have been tolerable.  There was a thirst for comic-book films and it was filled with bad attempts.  I'm glad things have improved (mostly - I'm ignoring Fantastic Four  part II even existed).

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