Friday, November 11, 2011

P S Ewww

The Penn State scandal is bothersome.  Not just like a flat tire delaying a trip, but soul shaking at the ugliness.  The allegations are disgusting beyond words.  A monster is being drug out into the light.  It also bothers me for many other reasons beyond the horrific monster.  Mostly the loss of knowing the right thing to do.  Whether you want to say the "right" comes from basic decency, general human good, a Biblical view, or being religious - this is something that says these crimes are evil.

There are some atrocious crimes that have been committed.  Legally they are currently alleged. the ugliness and volume of the charges is sickening; I'd like to push Sandusky off of a ledge.

1.  JoePa
I think JoePa should have been fired.  It was a complete lack of the honor he worked so hard to build upon.  I have argued with 2 PSU alumni over this.  For me it boils down to one simple thing - could you be friends with someone who did what Sandusky did?  Even at allegations, and an underling reporting such things I'd call the cops.  I'd call the cops on my brother over such allegations.  The things need investigated and they'll sort out innocent/guilty.

JoePa picked PSU over right.  He turned a blind eye.  I couldn't look someone in the face with such an ugly cloud looming - it would need to be resolved.

Look at JoePa's "retirement" statement prior to being fired - he closed with saying he will "live the rest of his life doing what's good for the University".  He is still seeing PSU or its honor as the highest aim.

He's the head of the program and easy to pick on.  It is also easy to dump all the anger over the crimes onto him.  He didn't commit them.  He isn't that monster.  He isn't a monster.  He just allowed a monster to live in the dark and refused to shine the light.

2. The Church of Penn State
I have seen the religious ferver that drives many of the fans.  I've seen it in alumni too.  Not just PSU but also Pitt and any strong sports school.  The zealots are especially crushed by this scandal because they are so invested.

If you lose sight of a higher good than living for the University (or its honor) nothing is permitted to interrupt that.  Not a pesky scandal - "we have football to play".  The students (I know, not all) were rioting of coach being fired and risking the game on Saturday.  "We're ranked, we're a contender, we can't be bothered by this".  Yeah they're students with too much time and would riot over pizza not being available in the cafeteria.  They're choosing mob "fun" or football over standing for what is right.  I was glad to see the candlelight vigil on Friday night.  That's how it should have been on day 1.

Up the chain from janitor to the u.president people chose the University over what is right.

3. The Game
Actually I'm glad the game is being played, there is a blue out, Bradley is the coach.  I think it will be part of the healing process.  Sports can play such a vital part in healing; they can also provide a platform for huge statements of humanity and decency.

The risk of the game and starting the healing process; the wound isn't clean.  There are more allegations floating.  There is likely more ugliness to follow, more reasons to lose your lunch.

I hope healing does happen.  Get all the dirt out first.

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