Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Judging books

We recently did the annual begging for candy.  The three kids played vagabonds in the search for loading up their goody bag.  This year I was escorting a "sleepy girl" (pajamas), a knight, and Scooby Doo.

I enjoy Halloween for a few reasons:
1. Candy tastes good, it's like...candy.
2. The kids and community enjoy it.
3.  I can wear the Mr. Incredible muscle suit.

For the previous two years our family went as The Incredibles.  It was awesome!  I knew it was a limited time gig as a family theme, but I can still wear my costume.  This year I was the lone Incredible.

There is something extremely funny and fun about putting on the muscle suit.  It causes reactions.  (duh, it's supposed to).  Some comments are fun, some kind of cutting, some people stare, some people laugh at the costume, and some laugh at me.

I remember having a moment of annoyance at a comment.  Then I had an epiphany - I asked for it?

I didn't literally say "hey, pick on me" but I did dress up as a freak for other people to see.

I am struck by the irony of the "freaks" (in looks) that want to just be treated "like everyone else".  They have chosen to stand out via strange piercings (lip, eyebrow, nose, ear expansions), tattoos, strange hair, or costumes (deliberate and otherwise).  Yet do not want to be judged just because they stand out.

I guess you can't help judging books by the cover.  Fair enough. I just need to not assume every book is only a cover.  There's a story inside each one.

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