Friday, July 23, 2010

AP - Counting Stars - Review

So today I got the new Andrew Peterson CD - Counting Stars. Available here:

I'm about 3x listening thru and my first impression is that it's comfortable.

There are many guitar rifts that are similar to past songs intentionally (World Traveler).
It is simpler (more folksy) than Resurrection Letters and some of his other work. I prefer it that way.

There are a few powerful song but I don't think anything will pass by Silence of God

Or as heart-wrenching as "After the Last Tear Falls"

But "The Last Frontier" might sneak in there and usurp them. An odd and morbid thought, it's what I want as a funeral song; it bypassed "Lay Me Down" and "More" from The Far Country.

Overall it is an excellent album. No let down for AP fans which says much since he keeps churning out high quality. It is excellent for the same reasons as I fell for his earlier stuff; it's from the heart. AP crafts songs that he wants to play and wants to listen to. It's not calculated for the best mass appeal, or radio play, or what will sell the most. They are from the heart and show vulnerability which is what makes them ring true.

It also shows the subtle (and sometimes not subtle) sense of humor (Many Roads) that makes you smile.

All in all I'm just getting started on absorbing it and it may pass by Love & Thunder as my favorite album and will certainly be a contender. I highly recommend it to fans and people who might be interested. So run & buy a copy for yourself and one for a friend.

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