Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thanks for the Lemonade

Today (& yesterday) I've been relatively confined to the couch & recliner in recovery from minor surgery. Basically much reading, TV, and video games. While this is generally not a bad way to spend a weekend; I like to move around.

Well on the tube before the 3rd place world cup game there was a story piece about Alex Scott of Alex's Lemonade Stand. I had it on for 15-20 minutes and was weepy most of the time. (I'll eat a bloody steak with my bare hands later to maintain street cred in the guy code).

It was much footage of her struggle with cancer and she started a lemonade stand to raise money. It took off and grew & got on Oprah and grew more & then Alex passed away. It's some 10 years later and it has raised over $30 million for pediatric cancer research. On top of research it also helps the families in acquiring treatment and comfort for these little warriors.

Something about kids suffering breaks my heart. I'm sure it breaks everyone's heart and there's a sense of "Why God?". A common view is that if God is powerful he wouldn't let this happen -OR- if God let's this happen he isn't so good. Either he isn't powerful or he isn't good - which is it? Neither. He is all powerful and we are not, he can see things and results which our eyes and minds cannot hold. He is provident - he works all things out. Just because we can't see what good there would possibly be doesn't mean squat.

Alex had great spunk and was very smart and the foundation has carried on because of her fighting spirit. It has gone on to touch hundreds and thousands of lives. Some of the Foundation research has led to the identification of a gene linked to Neuroblastoma. Research is being done on a pill as a blocker to tumor development from these findings.

All this to say there is a God and I'm not him. Thanks for the Lemonade.

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