Friday, March 11, 2011

Thorn in my side

I'm having a day where this song is fitting.  Big project due in a few hours so this will be a quick blog.  I keep getting interupted by folks that are just frustrating right now.  Plus it"s catchy with a great sound.

Regularly I feel this way too, more often that I'd like to admit.  The rough part isn't the admitting; it's the feeling.  It is generally out of arrogance or paying attention to petty things where the seeds of people pissing me off arrives.  Let the grace & love abound more than the personal preferences.  God knows I need it.

I first heard Paul Thorn when we adopted It's A Great Day (To Whoop Somebody's Ass) as a work anthem.  Paul was once a pro- boxer, so he could do it too.  I was looking for the anthem yesterday and kept digging up his other songs.
Turn's out he's a pretty good singer/songwriter too.  Honest songs that I'm liking today.  Okay, back to work.

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