Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hutchmoot - the morning after.

I wrote all of this during some time in the car.  I'll have more later.
It's 7:30am Sunday. I've slept for possibly 1.5hrs. Becky's pulled about the same. We've driven thru the night returning from Hutchmoot and we still have 1.5 hrs to go. The rest of the day will consist of us trying to be functional zombies thru feeding our kids lunch, getting them to soccer, me trying to coach, supper and then the Steelers playing tonight. Right now the clouds are a lovely blue-gray with a crimson thread laced into the bottoms. It's been awhile since we say a sunrise together. We've been awake at the right time before just never side by side facing the correct direction.

What better time and condition to write some notes about a weekend that goes like a whirlwind also.

We stopped by McKays bookstore in Nashville before sneaking into the moot. That place is huge. I feel like we only skimmed the surface pieces of gold and gems in that massive treasure chest. I'm jealous but it's surely a good thing that such a store is not in my neighborhood; I'd be broke.

We got to Hutchmoot for session 3. We were in film with Thomas McKenzie and Chris Wall. My quick mental notes pouring out: some stories are best told as film, most (all) films are about redemption or the lack there of, “UP!” still makes me weep.

After lunch there was some time for small groups (6 ppl) with various RR staff who were available in ½ hour timeslots. I had some time with Thomas McKenzie and Matt Conner. I did this so that I could pick their brains on community in Grove City. My church is wonderfully supportive. My main burning passion right now is to draw any interest out of other churches or folks in the community. A few things I picked up from this – it is not my job or in my power to “wake up” other churches. Make the personal connections and then worry about the items. This was good.

Becky had been in a different small group and then we met up and snuck into the Justin Gerard small group. Justin is a superb illustrator. We just had free time and this had empty seats, just was such a wonderful conversation. He has fears. Voices that tell him he produces garbage and his work isn't good. He makes many things that end up in the trashcan as part of the building process. The idea that “I will draw this image, when I am better” - some illustrations need to wait.

After dinner (which was awesome) the keynote speaker was Sally Lloyd Jones. Sally is the author of the “Jesus Storybook Bible”. Other books too but this one was truly inspired and is truly a vessel holding something much more than human hands alone created. It tells the gospel in such a powerful way and the idea that “every story whispers his name” makes powerful connections. It is giving kids lessons that not only last a lifetime, they build for a lifetime.  These are lessons big kids need too.

Sally shared from many of her books. Her selection from the JSB was of “Daniel and the Scary Sleepover”. Last Sunday I was up for leading Children's Church at my congregation. After the Children's Sermon they get to go learn whatever lesson elsewhere. There wasn't much guidance on what to do so I took in the JSB we read this story, drew pictures and then read it again with some actions. The kids loved it, as did I.   I loved hearing it again too. Sally has a unique ability to write to a child and from a child's perspective.

Other take aways from Sally's address – value children; talk up to them, not down; simply told stories, not watered down; childlike not childish; don't ruin a good story by asking "okay, what does this mean?"; mystery is magic.

After Sally there was an oral storytime. It would be a disservice to try to retell the stories of others but I can state that this was fun. There was much laughter.

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