Monday, September 26, 2011

Hutchmoot in a Few Poems Called Clerihew

During one of the calls home during Hutchmoot I was told by my son that "I broke your hat on accident."  As odd as this proclamation may sound I knew it was true.  My hat was broken and he didn't mean to break it.  And for some reason it sounded odd but I was not surprised in the least.

I'm not sure how you break a hat, why he had my hat, how it was accidental, when he thought it was okay to need my hat, which hat (it wasn't my favorite one, Buttpaste is safe).  All of these mysteries would wait for another day.

My boy Caleb
without a mis-speak or a flub,
Informed me, he broke my hat.
I'm still unsure how he managed that.

At the mighty meeting I was asked if I was the Engineer Dan of clerihew fame.  I had been discovered, my identity revealed.  I was also once identified as "Mr. Incredible".  That identity is slightly less hidden as I wear the costume every Tuesday to work.  I receive strange looks but who wouldn't like a zip-on muscle suit. (I'm kidding, but I would like to wear it more often.)

Back to clerihews.  I like them.  4 line biography poem with the name in one of the first two lines and an odd form is acceptable or even encouraged.  They are short and threfore match my attention span.  They are an odd challenge in word play which I enjoy.

So with my clerihew hat revealed here's Hutchmoot in a few clerihew.  Not nearly a complete list and limited to the Moot speakers and some RR contributors (i.e. not other attendees).

Andrew Peterson
Surrounds himself with nerdy fun.
Where else would an introduction about "verbing" suit.
Except at a meeting called Hutchmoot.

Peterson, Pete
Organizing 'Moot is quite a feat;
He guided us better than Lance Corporal Guest
Who he sent alone on a train to Budapest.

I soaked up wise words from Jennifer Trafton
Her book holds strange lands, not with a setting sun.
Rather than stable earth that sits and does not budge
The rising, falling lands are explored by Persimmony Smudge.

Thomas McKenzie
Amidst the weekend storytelling frenzy,
Knows the secret to produce tears, happy or sad, enough to fill a cup.
Tell of gas station explosions or as Jill Phillips advised - Just Show UP!

Jonathan Rogers
Has a family full of police dodgers.
Shared of raccoon blood and pants-ing perfected.
With laughter we were all infected.

Randall Goodgame
(Wow! he has a fitting name)
For his recent albums, kids are his target ear.
I'm not sure he knows how much, to parents, he does endear.

And also there is Eric Peters
I love his music as my mind teeters.
Frustrating times, watching waters crash in
Yet pulled by grace out of our sin.

Sam - S.D. Smith
whom my Pitt battles with
I was amazed he used utensils at the dinner
being as he's from West Virginner

Andy Gullahorn
Sees music fame lacking and is forlorn.
For his shape he will not enhance
by wearing extra tight pants.

Keynote speaker - Sally Lloyd Jones
Her writing does rattle my bones.
"The Jesus Storybook Bible" brings tears when read to my young lot.
I shed them as Jesus and the Old Testament are woven and connected, dot to dot.


  1. Are you sure you're working at work? It seems you either have quite a clerihew knack or too much time on your hands. Fun post.

  2. Hey Dan, thanks for that encouraging post. It means a lot.

  3. Didn't get to go to the Moot, so thanks for the Clerihew Review. Gives me a great overview!