Friday, September 23, 2011

Moot Day 2

(this will be quick with minimal proofreading.)
I didn't have a day 1 post because it was a very nice meal and then a Square Pegs (and friends) private concert.  The concert was excellent.  Andy Gullahorn breaking out a new song "Skinny Jeans" was my personal highlight.  There is such a richness in all of the music, and each performer brought a different color to the canvas that made for a beautiful night.

Onto Friday.

Session 1 - Building a Co-Creative Community
Lead by Thomas MacKenzie and Matt Conner
I went into this with some faint hope of hearing a miracle solution of how to break thru the walls that are preventing Grove City churches from working together.  I didn't quite hear that.  It was more aimed at the creative person and telling them to step out, connect with someone.  You have permission to try to share your dream.  There was also a sentiment expressed of "live like you've already won the war".  Much of revolution is self serving - fighting a battle to get permission to hang art in the church for example.  Just show up with the art and ask "where do you want me to hang this?"

This was a refreshing reminder of the blessings of my VERY supportive church, a VERY supportive wife and some great recent community starts in Grove City.

Session 2 - Children's Literature
Lead by S.D. Smith (if that is his real name) and Jennifer Trafton
Despite being from WV, I enjoy Sam.  He brought a parents perspective to children's literature and the importance of story for growing into being "child-like" and not "childish".  Being able to reach back and enjoy rather than stuck and unable to reach up.  I think Chesterton nails this with his idea of gratitude. Roughly - if I can be grateful for stuffed Christmas stockings why can I not be grateful for legs to stuff my stockings every day.
Jennifer stole the show in relating children's literature from a writers perspective.  She had so much great insight.  Insight into not just writing for a moral or a point, writing for a story and character and the moral or symbolism might flow into the story but it isn't the story.  There is a rumor (she said it) her talk will be posted which will be well worth reading and enjoying again.  I am excited for any book she gets out there. 

Lunch was catered by Baja Burrito.  No wonder this place is so well loved.
For dinner Evie had some wonderful homemade bread, salad, and Italian Wedding soup.  I don't know who the Italian is who got married, but they sent over some yummy stuff.

The Jason Gray launch concert was great.  Jason has a stage vulnerability and humility that is charming and inviting.  The build-up to the powerful closing of "Thank You Jesus" was incredible.   A great show.  I can throw superlatives and comparisons at it and it still won't be adequate.  Powerful and moving.

One last thought - an epiphany thought.  Jason mentioned Genesis 3 and being cursed to toil the ground and work; there will be thistles and thorns.  A lightning bolt thought hit me to how God uses the very curse to crown Jesus.  There's MUCH more depth to that, I just had to write it down before it slipped away. 

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