Monday, October 24, 2011

Eric Peters - for the record...

It's weird to call them albums when they are digital or CD's and very different from the vinyl albums.  Any-who Eric Peters is Kickstarter fundraising for his album Birds of Relocation.

I'm excited for this.  Eric writes from the head and the heart and pours them into his work.  I first became familiar with his work with "Chrome".  Awesome and kind of dark.  That got me hooked and I've backfilled in the rest of his recorded material.

Eric is wrapping up a house concert tour sponsored by Under the Radar.  As a stop in the swing through Grove City he played at our church for the second time. 
From him playing at our church twice I've been able to hear a few that will be on the new album.  Eric still amazes me that he can weave such heavy topics into such light tunes.  Not light in a way the music isn't developed, it just doesn't feel bogged down.  Who knew a song about being a daydreamer and letting your spouse down can be so catchy.  Yippee! 

This is Eric from his recent trip through Grove City "
"Don't Hold Your Breath" will be on Birds of Relocation (official video here).  This has grown to be one of my favorite songs.  The reality of seeing the hope for situations comes from beyond yourself.  I'm anxious to hear more stories poured out.

So check out the project and support if you can.  It's not a bad way to pre-order also.

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