Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review - Slugs & Bugs Under Where?

We were Kickstarter sponsors for the latest Slugs & Bugs project.

The original Slugs & Bugs arrived as a gift from some close friends.  I'd been an Andrew Peterson fan for a long time but Slugs & Bugs slipped by me.  Essentially, it is a collection of songs that Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson (both superb songwriters) had written for their kids; plus a few.  At first listen I laughed.  Not just a giggle but belly laughed at some if these songs.  And then I wept like a wee child.  "Beautiful Girl" made me feel like a pinata.  It hit me, hard & often until I broke.

The latest edition nearly gave me the same treatment.

I laughed greatly (The Wagon Song).  I was more prepared for the pinata treatment.  Plus, I'm a more experienced father (more kids and more mature, I think) so I've developed a tougher shell.

Slugs & Bugs has grown in the songwriting.  The Mexican Rhapsody is a great display of musicianship.  Songs like "I Want To Help" just strike such a common chord for adult and child.  I can simply say "Cause I..." and my 3 y/o comes running and singing I want to help.

Slugs & Bugs Under Where?  is a great album.  These are songs that keep the kids giggling, listening and laughing.  And yet my brain is not melting.  I am giggling also.  I am listening and laughing.

Not all the songs are a laugh fest. 
"I'm Adopted" touches on the wonder of belonging to a family and that everyone of us is adopted into God's family. 
"Tell it to Jesus" - there is no feelings that he can't handle. 
"God Made You Special" - this song is difficult to put words to.  It is beautiful lyrically and musically.  This is the song I want my kids to sing and remember.  "you reveal the master's touch".  I hope and pray that the simple message gets from their ears to their hearts.

These are great songs that keep the kids hanging around the kitchen CD player just to hear more.  Check it out if you haven't already (available here also the song Mexican Rhapsody).

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