Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: "In This Hour" by Jill Phillips

The street release of "In This Hour" is November 8th. Becky & I were kickstarter supporters and received an advanced download.
The Rabbitroom covered this today, plus you can listen to a great song off of the album.
Jill's music has had a ninja approach into my playlist. I am a big Andy Gullahorn fan and they are a hubby/wife combo. We got their "Christmas" album despite ignoring my suggestion for calling it "Gullahorn of Plenty" and it has great music (I mentioned it here).
I few years ago I managed to get her hymn album "Kingdom Come" out of a clearance rack (score!!). Jill has a wonderful voice. I've heard "haunting" used to describe some sounds and it fits here. Not in a creepy or scary way. Just that her voice stays with you and makes your mind think of other places.
"In This Hour" is full of songs great songs. I've had it on background at work and the deep lyrics are still sinking in. I think Jill has taken a step to be more vulnerable. These songs give the listener some inside glimpse into her life; into her heart.
I won't do a song by song breakdown. There are a few that jump out to me.
"Next Big Thing" (which is on-play at the rabbitroom link above). A catchy tune about tunes not being catchy enough to make it "big".
I've seen the rise and fall of shooting stars a thousand times
I've seen them burning out re-entering the atmosphere
So if it's a choice between that glory and the mundane life
I think that I'd prefer what you and I are sharing here
"If You Were Here" - This one has lingered with me. It has such vulnerability. Written with Randall Goodgame about the loss of her father, Jill reflects on how things would be different if he were around. She sang this at Hutchmoot. It hit me then and it still does. It captures so much of how much our lives are woven together and that's a good thing.

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