Friday, January 20, 2012

My Ears are Burning - Superbowl Thoughts

The Steelers fizzled at the playoff dance this year.  There was a brief mourning period but I'm better now.

It's down to a few teams - Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots, and the NY Giants against the San Francisco 49ers.  The winners of each game will be meeting in the superbowl.

If only they would end at the regular season and let the computers pick the superbowl teams - would that be excited.  The BCS has something going for it. 

So I'm not really rooting for any team.  I like the 49ers as a squad.  I'm conditionally opposed to the NY Giants due to a loudmouth Giants fan in 3rd grade.  Not a grudge the guy just made me instinctively resent that team, plus the token jerk at work likes them too.  To me that confirms it, jerks like the Giants.  Or at least they will strut around loudly proclaiming their team is the best team ever.

So I'm for the 49ers UNLESS it ends up as a Harbaugh brothers superbowl (49ers vs Ravens).  The sappy coverage of brothers facing off in the big game would be sickening.  To the point of wanting to be sick.  Just in hopes that the burn in the back of your throat might somehow make your ears burn and you won't be able to hear the crappy, sappy coverage.  I'm not sure I could watch that game.

I want to see the Ravens rather than the Pats because Tom Brady is a jag and it's the Pats.  Also the AFC North is a strong, tough, gritty conference and it getting proven again is a good thing.  UNLESS the noted Harbaugh brothers matchup is about to occur.

So my preference for the superbowl:
49ers over New England
Ravens over Giants
Giants over New England (I'll tolerate the John the jerk).
49ers over Ravens (although my back will hurt for weeks from all of the vomiting).

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  1. I agree. I hate them all. I'm rooting for a 0-0 finish and then 100 overtimes and they both have to forfeit to protect player health and it is more drawn-out and irritating than Bush-Gore.

    But I don't really care.

    Go Browns! Beat Pitt! Down with Nazis! No More Sloganeering! Global Warming! Veggietales!