Monday, January 16, 2012

Stickin to the Man on MLK Jr Day

Today is MLK Jr Day.  Yesterday I had a great discussion with Beth regarding why she has off school and who he was.  She was shocked that someone could be driven by hatred to shoot a pastor.

Sometimes I get ornery and crazy thoughts just to stick it to the system.  Whatever the system is, if it seems outrageous or dumb I have some internal churning to make it break.  This doesn't always do well within companies or governments and I've learned to let my fantasy "stick-it" idea sprint for 20 seconds and then fall over and die in the wastelands far from the fields of reality.

Today I'll share it before it dies.

My current "stick-it" idea is to make a huge banner with a MLK Jr. quote and hang it from city hall to celebrate the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This is more of a "stick-it" to the anti-Christmas atheist crowd.  But also to the schools teaching how MLK Jr stood against segregation and omitting how he stood in front of a church Sunday after Sunday.

This isn't to slight MLK Jr. at all. It is to remember how many great things he was able to accomplish and pave the way for, because he loved Jesus. That should not be forgotten.

My banner would read -

"Man is a sinner in need of God's forgiving grace. This is not deadening pessimism; it is Christian realism." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanks Dr. King.


  1. The best way you can stick it to the man is to keep teaching your children the truth.

  2. You find some of the best quotes...