Friday, June 18, 2010

Coffee - more revolting than tea

Coffee is a strange substance. I remember trying it once growing up & couldn't imagine anything more disgusting or revolting. Now it fuels my morning revolt from sleep to the world of the awake.

In one sense tea would hold the title of being the most revolting drink with the Boston Tea Party and the ensuing skirmish and country birth. I think coffee has usurped the Earl of Grey by the sheer volume of consumers.

I probably get thru 3/4 of a pot by the close of the day. I've cut back. I was nearing 2 pots when I was a stay-at-home dad. It just kept a good vibe going all day long; after awhile I realized that vibe was my shaking legs and I really needed to cut back.

I enjoy a good cup and would be a coffee snob if it weren't for my basic inability to function without coffee of some kind. Sure I prefer a steak sandwich to pb&j, but when my stomach's grumbling - pass the Jif.

As a kid I remember also sitting at a restaurant on the occassional breakfast and asking to go for the 100th time, always with the same answer - "let me finish my coffee first". Time is aparently relative and I longed for the time a parent, or a relative would finish their last cup so we could get out of their & I could play.

Now I know - time waits for no man, but it will brake for coffee.

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