Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my birthday. Growing up birthdays were celebrated mildly, in about the same manner as you celebrate a $5 winning scratch off ticket; maybe slightly more but not much.
My wonderful wife was raised in a family with birthday parties. It wasn't usually a whole party about you, but more of a party for the whole family. Kinda neat actually.

This has caused some strife for the family mostly in the form of unmet expectations. It took some adjustment that:
A) I'm not naturally inclined to make a party happen to that extent.
B) She's naturally inclined to expect that to happen for everyone in the family.
C) Making meaningful birthdays for our kids.

There's also a twist of within my youth it was all about the specific day. Becky's youth was focused more on the party at some nearby weekend.

Well enough backstory, onto the real point. Frosty the Snowman.

Every time Frosty gets the magic hat, sparkles happen & he joyfully says "Happy Birthday". Everyday is magic & everyday is a given to you.
Chesterton once said(ish) "why is it acceptable & given to be thankful for stuff filled stockings on Christmas & not also be thankful for foot filled stockings everyday of the year."

I'm trying to get more of that view. Everyday is truly a gift. I can easily get suckered into listening to some great book & thinking about it instead of just getting out there & doing something; anything. There are times to rest, relax, recharge & ponder; but it can be a trap to be "shackled by the comforts of your couch" (A.Peterson).

So: thanks for the pajama pants, and thank you God for the legs to fill them.

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