Friday, June 25, 2010


We've had some battles lately in getting Cabu, the 5 y/o boy, to bed. Suddenly there are monsters, bathroom trips & other troubles. Our 1st course of action was generally yelling: "You don't need to pee every 5 minutes, all the monsters are in your sister's room, GO TO SLEEP."

We seem to have solved the bathroom issue and are getting back to a new normal.
A few nights ago was more battlesome than usual because the routine was upset. Misbehavior had earned an early bed-time and no story for Cabu. Usually we (me and B-roo, & Cabu) read thru the "Jesus Storybook Bible" (wonderful book). Well 2hrs later I had enough and layed beside him & told him a story.

Figuring he was wise to most of the usuals I racked my brain for something to boil down. Meantime I started talking about a castle with a king & queen, a boy & a girl. Stalling really but ended up piecing together some junk story that softly made the soft point of "be honest" and he was out for the night. I've scrapped together a story a few nights now.

I'm loving this except my brain is failing me on a good story. I picked a character setup that he's relating to; a background he's loving (who doesn't like castley stuff). My stories have sucked. My audience hasn't caught on yet, but believe me - they do. I'm trying to weave in a good point, or some nice theology, maybe be parable-ish. Brain, your lettin me down man.

I've been able to use the same characters and should be able to continue for quite some time.

All that to say 2 things. I like stories and story telling is tough. A third thing too, I love feeding my kids' imaginations.

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