Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Field of Mine

My absolute favorite artist, Andrew Peterson (singer, songwriter, author), is releasing a new album "Counting Stars" July 27th. Apparently it's full of personal songs and daily life. I've become a sucker for this type of music especially from AP. He's my age with kids & I'm finding a strange familiarity and comfort from his work.

Purchased thru his website ( they have tiers varying from the CD at release date with a song downloaded now TO coffee with AP and the full album now. I took the min-plunge and bought 2 CD's which was bundled with a song & video download. It's tempting to get the full album now but I shall wait.

The song (The Same Song) has been played about 10 times now, the video only 2x. The video is for "Dancing in the Mine Field". It's a great song & video (top notch AP stuff) about marriage and lasting promises. If I dwell on it too much I'd get weepy which is why there's a limited playing.

"We went dancing in the mine field
we went sailing in the storm
and it was harder than we dreamed
but I believe that's what the promise is for."

A life changing milestone of mine (and I think for my marriage & becky) was us listening to a Tim Keller sermon "cultivating a healthy marriage". A key word in the title says much: cultivating. It's work, and it grows, and it takes time, and it does bear fruit. Not things we didn't know but it was more of a wake up call to get deeper into marriage and get a full deep breathe into it.

This song & video is superb. Very lyrically driven, but if you focus on the video imagery or the music you are pleasantly surprised. It has been a great reminder of taking the plunge of marriage. I like it (the song & the marriage).

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