Thursday, June 2, 2011

You can't fight city hall - It's tough to work with them too

If you didn't know, I'm working with 2 other folks to get a disc golf course in the park in Grove City.  This has been a rough ride for me.  When I'm ready to get frustrated and give up, things move (eventually).  When I feel like things are finally happening, we hit some snag.  We seemed to have the greenlight and were waiting for the installation only to find out we had been in a snag for 6 weeks.

It has been nearly 2 years since the original proposal.  We had nearly a year of fund raising to secure sponsors for 9 holes.  Thank you to any and all sponsors. 

You'd think that we could get 9 installed and start playing.  I'm mad right now because we've been working to get this installed and have hit MANY snags.  All with the borough council, and 90% of those are because they will not call us.  None of us are hiding.  We all have e-mail, phones and have readily given that information.  We've even seen them in the interim and they won't mention "oh by the way did you know we have you on hold".  Mad may not even be the word for it.  I truly thought the fundraising would be the hardest part of this whole process. 
The trouble right now getting any straight information out of the borough council.  We've had people tell us one thing in person and read where it is a different case before the council.  We were approved and are now un-approved.

The more I dig into the borough council minutes I see where we have answered every problem and are now still waiting because they were supposed to get back to us and did not. 

I'm hopeful (no longer "sure" of any of this) that this can be worked out and we can have a course installed sometime; maybe this year.  We are going to miss having anything in place for the major town festival (Strawberry Days June 9-11) which would have been a great introduction for the community.  The whole town will be there walking around the course.  Allowing us to put our sign in place would have been great.  We sit.  We wait.

On June 20th I will go before the Borough Council another time.  We will field questions and ask if we can install the 1/2 course and bring an end to this error filled chapter.  They will say "yes" without an official motion because it was approved before.  Which technically means we should have been able to install it before except we couldn't because there were concerns they never asked us about.  Clear?

All of this has made me hate politics even more.  My frustration with the national level game has sunk down to hit the small town too.  The course is being held up on accusations of closed door hidden meetings and having no authority, and delayed on needing every tiny detail approved by a committee of people who don't care. 
"A camel is a racehorse designed by a committee"

We were approved pending a walk around with the people who had specific concerns.  We had the walk around and they were pleased at the time.  Then they tell the council they weren't.  After the walk around we started taking the steps for the full installation assuming they meant we could go ahead when they said "that looks great".   Now the whole council is reviewing everything again.  We sit.  We wait.

"I'm drowning in a sea of despair and monkeys dressed as lifeguards are throwing me anchors." - Dilbert

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