Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's that time of year again.

I sometimes dread this time of year.  The opinion polls, the constant checking of the state of the world, the uncertainty of the future, and the feeling that this is truly the most important event of the year; if not the most significant of the past 10 years.  Pressure of making the exact right choice or paying the consequences for years to come.

It is my wife's birthday.

I generally have no problem remembering when Becky's b-day is.  I'm more dumbfounded by what to get her.  I try to avoid the general appliance items; I want to give a gift that expresses my love for my wife.  I have a hard time reconciling a handblender to thoughtfulness, even if needed and used everyday.  My target is to provide what her heart is seeking.  I've tried in the past and failed miserable at Becky's birthdays.  My guesses at clothing are awful (I should have known by how I dress),  movie/show and dinner plans end up clogged.  Of our 16 years (ish) together I've probably had 6 hits, certainly less than 10.  While .375 would be great for baseball (and .625 would be unheard of) I feel I should be doing better.

We are at a point where price tag shock of "you shouldn't have" doesn't really carry weight for us.  It comes from the same money pool.  It'll be on the family credit card.  Car payments seem to push the thinking process into drive rather than mindlessly picking jewelry or fancy tools.

So I'm always stuck wrestling: 
What do you get the woman who holds the house together?
What gift is right for the one who keeps you grounded so you don't get lost in the clouds?
What do you give to the one who you want to get lost in the clouds with?
What is her heart set on that I can provide?

Moments in time.  Memories.
Tonight we (me & kids) are making chocolate lava cake (it turns out you can't really make these ahead of time since they need to be served while goo-ey.  So plan "A" of making it last night didn't work.  Live & learn.)

I'm hoping to provide:  singing, gifts, family games.
Fun and love that can't be wrapped in paper because they are wrapped in time.

If this fails, I will have only one question for the future - are Sears or Macy's giftcards better?

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