Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kingdom belongs to such as these [pffftshhhwew]

My 5 y/o after bedtime prayers gave me quite a chuckle.
C: no one knows how old God is.

me: that is true, He has just always been there.
C: and no one knows what he looks like.
me: true.
C: I know what he looks like.
me: how do you know what God looks like.
C: I saw a picture of him in the Bible.  God has white hair, Jesus has brown hair.  God has a white beard and Jesus has a brown beard.  And God has [pffftshhhwew]* robes.

I was very impressed by the description of God's robes as [pffftshhhwew].   I can't think of any better words.

pffftshhhwew- adj - /pffftshhhwew/ (similar to the sound of a wet whoopee cushion stepped on and leaking out of two or more openings.
Origin: ancient kid word from various regions and cultures.
1) flowing glory that is beyond words. 
2) pretty cool and big.

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