Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost world famous - Phredd

Yesterday was a very busy day for my family.  One of those that at the end you relax and wonder how all of that was squeezed into one day.  I'll even pass on commenting on a terrible Steelers game and my hatred for the N.E. Patriots.

In some of my very formative years (13-18) I was part of a volunteer crew that setup Christian concerts that rolled through Lancaster.  I'm guessing in that six year range it was close to 100 shows.  Get there, unload the truck, setup the stage, watch the show (or play security), strike the stage and load it all up.  Rinse, lather, repeat in 3 weeks.  The mastermind, organizer and major driver (he'll deny all of these) was Fred.

Fred is now doing kids' shows and it was a great pleasure to have my church host a show yesterday.  Fred helped with the Sunday morning service that included an incredibly touching song (He Will Listen to You):

I mentioned before about Fred being a good guy.  In the service he continued to show great wisdom with his song selection (perfect for our congregation).  After the service his concert was a tremendous display of musical skill, grace with children, storytelling and all around entertaining.  All feedback I received (73 ppl in attendance) had a great time.  Even after all these years, Fred is still a good guy.

During the day we managed to have several quality catch-up times.  It was wonderful to catch up on Lancaster, Christian music industry (& machine), family and adoption.

It was also encouraging as Fred has been through the adoption process and we are currently at the start of it.  We had a great lunch with him and it was just so refreshing, and our kids were asking when we could go visit Fred & his family. 

At least now I'll have a new song in my head instead of Coffee or Elmer's Electric Tricycle.

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  1. Thank you Dan, Becky, and fabulous Kulp Kids. You made Zack and I feel at home. We had a great time and look forward to coming back soon. If you are coming home for the Holidays lets get together and talk adoption. My wife is a wealth of knowledge.